Florería Monarca
The project involved redesigning the website of Florería Monarca using Figma. The reason for the update was that the previous website was very basic, resulting in an outdated digital image for the flower shop. 

The main goal of the new website was to revamp Florería Monarca's online presence, attracting users' attention and making a positive impact from the first glance. The design was given emphasis, making it attractive and functional, with eye-catching visual elements that captured the essence and beauty of the floral arrangements offered by the flower shop.

Strategic calls to action were implemented throughout the website to encourage users to explore the product catalog, learn more about the services offered, and most importantly, to contact the flower shop to place orders or inquiries.

The result was a modern, vibrant, and fully functional website that reflects the beauty and quality of Florería Monarca's products.

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